​​In the beginning there was a cave

​The founder of Good Spot has always had a passion for travel and adventure. His story begins with a cave where he spent the night at an altitude of about 3,000 meters while climbing Grand Teton - one of the highest peaks in the USA. It was there, in the heart of the mountains, that the founder discovered his passion for discovering new places and experiencing adventures.

​Then there was the tent

​​After Grand Teton, the founder continued his travels, visiting 36 US states, over 20 of which he traveled through on a sport bike. He spent the night in a tent, admiring the beauty of wild nature and discovering America's hidden treasures.


​​We are currently designing and producing innovative solutions in the field of tourism. Our beginnings date back to 2012, when the founder, after ending his cooperation with one of the Wrocław hotels, started a sole proprietorship.

​In 2014, he established Hotel Service 24 Sp. z o. o. Spk offering intermediation in the purchase of hotel services for business clients, and its main source of income was winning tenders. In 2015, the offer of group bookings for the organization of conferences and events was added, which allowed us to acquire new customers.

​In July 2015, while organizing an integration event on the Hel Peninsula, the founder encountered the problem of lack of hotel infrastructure and the idea to create a mobile hotel was born. He then commissioned one of the Wrocław consulting companies to submit an application for financing from EU funds, but the application was rejected. The idea was shelved, and the founder focused on developing Hotel Service 24's business.

​​In 2016, comprehensive event organization was added, and in 2017, services of business organization of incoming tourism to our country and foreign trips (including to Kenya, Georgia, Singapore, China, Vietnam and European countries) were introduced. Agreements were also signed with hotel chains and booking portals such as Booking.com, etc. In 2018, focus was placed on the development of modern IT tools to improve the efficiency and quality of services provided.


​​Thanks to the founder's passion for traveling, the idea for a mobile hotel never stopped floating around in the head of the founder of Good Spot.

​​In 2019, with the support of several business partners, the founder of Good Spot decided to approach the mobile hotel project again. It started with researching the market and the needs of potential customers, which allowed us to adapt the offer to real requirements and, as a result, receive funding under the NEW Design project for prototyping a mobile hotel service.

​In the same year, work began on the first prototype of the mobile hotel, which was opened to the first guests in June 2020.

​Thanks to positive reactions from tourists and interest from investors, the Good Spot project began to take real shape. A year later, the concept was presented at EXPO in Dubai, a few months later at the EU-Sturtups Summit in Barcelona, Miami USA, and several other national events.

​In the following years, the company focused on developing the offer and producing mobile solutions that are characterized not only by a high standard, but also by an innovative approach to environmental issues.

Good Spot offers its clients mobile hotels in various configurations that can be adapted to individual needs and requirements. The offer also includes mobile homes, camping sites, etc. Currently, Good Spot Technology is developing technologies related to the full self-sufficiency of mobile facilities and is developing an Ecosystem for owners of unique tourist facilities, which, based on AI, is to optimize revenues, minimize costs, which will ultimately translate into for the profits of the entire Good Spot community.