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Away from the crowds, off the beaten paths and big hotels. In places inaccessible to traditional tourism and at the same time in comfortable hotel conditions. Air- conditioned apartment in the middle of the forest? You will find such attractions only with us.

Good Spot finds undiscovered places for you to experience them

Mobile apartments stop by unique and original places. At the same time, after an eventful day, they allow you to return to a comfortable, fully equipped hotel room. After the season they will drive away - leaving the place without any trace. Check where Good Spot will moor in the near future and book your stay.

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The spot is active from June 20 to September 15. Return to childhood. During the summer holidays we will stay at the Polish seaside. It is also an invitation to travel back in time. Literally, because when it comes to space, we go back to the idyllic holiday times of our childhood. When it comes to the standard of vacation, we do it in a real vehicle from the future. 33 m2 apartment with a large terrace, hotel standard, multimedia and sanitary facilities and much more. It's all in the woods, near the beach, far from the hustle and bustle and seaside markets. In a place whose atmosphere is created by the echoes of those holidays that are long gone.


800 meters to the beach

bikes available for your stay

meal by phone



From December 31 to June 15, Good Spot will stop 4 km away from Karpacz. In a unique place with a view of Śnieżka mountain. You will find a lot of good energy in a mysterious location. The owners have created an amazing place away from the crowds. By visiting this Spot you will be able to take part in Tai Chi, drumming, culinary or photography workshops. You will spend the evening in an atmospheric restaurant with a book, and you will implement each active day according to your own scenario or plan it with our help. see on map

zobacz na mapie

ciekawe miejsca w okolicy


workshops - sign up before arrival

cosy restaurant

snowboarding and skiing

bicycle and mountain trails


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