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Soon you will be able to invest in the development of the first mobile chain of hotels in Poland. We offer two options. You can invest in a whole apartment or you can become a community investor in our crowdfunding campaign and choose the amount of money on your own.


Investment in hotel mobility is a breakthrough in Polish tourism. An apartment that can travel and reach the most interesting and unexplored places opens up a series of unprecedented possibilities. The owners of interesting lands can submit their locations, invite the mobile hotel to their land and participate in the profits. At the same time tourists choose next places via voting. Good Spot is a hotel democracy.


The idea was born during a kitesurfing trip to Hel, where the key is to follow a good wind. What if the hotel room could move around? What if it could stay in places offering the best conditions and close proximity to nature? These considerations initiated Good Spot - the first mobile hotel chain in Poland.


Our mission is to discover extraordinary places that are off the beaten path - and let you experience your vacation differently. At the same time, we want to have as little impact as possible on the environment - provide experiences and then drive away without leaving a trace. Keep the beauty of nature intact.


Mobility - many people have chosen it as their way of life and we are incorporating it into the tourism industry. Thanks to this, our guests can stay in places so far inaccessible - and new all the time. Where our spot will be. Community - we build a community of people who are looking for unique accommodation and unforgettable experiences. We want you to vote for the places where our apartments will stay. We promote small entities and small investors. We implement crowdfunding elements. Ecology - our goal is to financially support extraordinary places, but not to damage their beauty. Our mobile hotels are self-contained. We also make them from used semi- trailers, which we completely renovate.





We are a team of nature and travel enthusiasts, for many years associated with the hotel industry and business tourism.

Roman Sokołowski

Financial Director. Man of numbers, computers and Excel sheets. He has been working in the hotel industry business for over 9 years. He dealt with sales analysis, constructed budgets and managed sales in various hotel departments in several chains in Poland. By creating new services in the tourism industry, he combines an analytical business approach with a pro-customer perspective. He loves climbing and baking cakes.

Paweł Kołtunowicz

Operational Director. An expert in the business tourism industry, he knows the entire Polish hotel base by heart. He pays great attention to details and knows how to take care of them during the implementation of all types of events. Every Good Spot brief goes through his hands. A great negotiator. In his spare time he jogs and shapes bonsai trees, which is his greatest passion.

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